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Real Estate

Coronavirus in Nigeria: what are the odds for real estate?

Coronavirus Sigh… Looks like one of the most dreaded things is upon us. Hopes that the coronavirus would be contained to China have vanished as the first case in sub-Saharan Africa was announced in Nigeria and stock markets took a pounding amid fears of a global recession. Nigeria’s first confirmed case was not detected at…

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Who Took our Fish Landmark?

Headed on past Jubilee Bridge Ajah, Lagos, I drove absentmindedly. My destination was clear (Lagos Business School), but it was supposed to be made even clearer by the unmissable landmark that I knew, that once I saw, I was close. 30 minutes later I was still driving, and it suddenly dawned on me: “Ha, I’ve…

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Your Car Park Fee enough to buy you a home???

Cheapest Listing in San Francisco? A $100k Parking Spot

Home shoppers may have been excited when they saw a $100,000 listing price in San Francisco appear. But upon closer inspection, they then realized it was not for a home—it was for a parking spot. That’s just like finding a 36,350,000 naira listing in Ikoyi, and you jumped for joy, rushed with bated breath to…

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Lessons from the world’s most successful investors

investors advice

If anyone is going to learn investment and do it right, what better way than to learn by looking at the most successful investors? As far as entrepreneurship goes, the big players have got a stock pile of techniques in their arsenal, men and women that have managed to put small amounts of capital into…

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Urban prime one

Modern Living – one that spells comfort, class, and connectivity with safety and ease of living, offers you something sort of an entrance into the new year. It’s the time of the year one would get a new work wardrobe, buy new supplies, and prep for the year. One should also take into account the…

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January Reminders for Juicing up Your Real Estate Investment


We’re almost halfway into the month of January. Crazy right? The clock never stops ticking, and so it’s pertinent that you’ve already started your race into real estate investment. We thought to fire you up with 3 strong thoughts before this month blows away to help you do real estate investment right: 1) You’re not…

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Vision 2020: What’s the Wey Forward? Set the Tone

Wey forward?

Vision 2020: Was your December Detty enough? Hopefully, the buzz of the new year bliss has died down by now. You’ve gained a few (or many) pounds even though you said you were consciously watching your weight🤐, you’ve splurged a huge fraction of your funds on Detty December, even though you should know better, and…

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The Obama’s are big on real estate, hard to figure out why?

Yes, you heard right. Every smart thinking person you know, even the ones you really look up to are investing big time in real estate. Need I say more? What does that say to you? Real estate is the truth, the plug when it comes to investment. It’s the investment of choice, by default, for…

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LandWey’s Open House Weekend is here!!!

To be honest, it gets tiring and exhaustive doling out cash on an annual basis to your landlord, continuously increasing his financial capacity, when that could well be you! In light of this, Landwey is set to host its 2nd Open House Weekend live in the city of Lagos! This will be a phenomenal 3-day…

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