At Landwey, we are always exploring new ways to offer prompt solutions to your real estate issues. With ChinWey, our chatbot, enjoy free real estate consultation services specific to your needs.



In tandem with our core value of transparency, we encourage site inspections. To mitigate cancelled visits due to logistics or availability, we have pioneered the use of virtual reality for site inspections in Nigeria. Our virtual site inspections have proved most useful to clients, especially during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.



RentityPro is a platform that enables you rent or lease without worries. Also, it offers reliable rent collection services to landlords and a 24-hours rent relief period for tenants. RentityPro offers prompt and reliable rental solutions.



FixBobo is an application software that makes it easier for residents of all Landwey developed estates to enjoy premium home maintenance services.

Documents-amicorr is a platform committed to conducting land searches on all lands duly registered at the Lands Registry Alausa. We take the hassle off you by conducting your search while from the comfort of your home, we get your search report delivered to your email or your mailing address

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