As offices empty out, home investment looks on with green eyes

The future for office commercial space looks increasingly uncertain, as more and more people work from home and some employers consider making it a permanent arrangement — even after the pandemic.

Transactions for office leases or sales are already significantly lower this year compared to a similar period in 2019, according to data from real estate companies.

It then goes to follow that an investment in a suitable home, especially one that supports working from home with a home office space will become all the more desirable. Now more than ever before, it seems that making a home investment has never been more crucial, seeing that even during the full stay-at-home season, home was that one space that everyone resorted to for everything and to function.

This portends well for all existing and intending home owners and investors, seeing that we are beginning to make the grand and strong shift to working from home. Home becomes all things to people, such that you can as an investor even begin to look at investing in locations not really in city districts, seeing that you can get good entry prices without feeling the pressure to do the commute to cities where work locations are situated. It’s indeed a big win for residential real estate and perfect timing for everyone to begin to look at an entry into home ownership that now brings on a flexibility like never before.

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