Coronavirus and our novel ways of transacting real estate business

It is no news that in the onslaught and wake of the COVID19 spread, everyone is taking great caution and precaution, as well as co-operating with government and relevant health institutions to curb the spread of the virus. An indispensable action step in ensuring that spread of this virus is limited is in limiting physical movement and social distancing.

However should all of your real estate investment interests come to a grinding halt? Is this the end for safe real estate investments that you should be making to keep the wheels of your financial we bring turning? Not necessarily, not at all.

Many real estate investment companies such as ours have with keen foresight envisioned way before now that the only way to go when it comes to making advancements in the real estate sector is by embracing tech in its diverse forms.

As such we have put in place measures and tech facilitations that ensure that you do not miss out on the many attendant advantages of a great real estate investment.

We currently have a floating and functional virtual office, which means that you can call in and carry out a huge percentage of your real estate transactions with our virtual office. We’ve optimized our digital investment channels to cater to more transactions.

For online virtual office transactions, we urge all our subscribers and customers to please embrace our virtual operations across all platforms. For all inquiries/documentation/purchases please send a WhatsApp message to any of these numbers: 08187366666, 08187466666, 081875666666 or scan the barcode below:

For site inspections, we’ve updated our Virtual Reality gadgets that provide you with real time views of our estate offerings, in terms of look, feel and dimension. 360 videos are also up on our website that give you sweeping 360 views of homes, indoor spaces and exterior estate views. With these digital methods, we continously work on new ways for buyers to purchase new homes and land spaces.

Another key offering that is in the works will feature our “drive-through closings”, enabling home buyers to sign documents from their car. Meetings will be held online by video-calling and tele-conferencing.

Even in the current environment, we are selling homes thanks to these virtual digital options and even construction/production has not halted, as we continue to build homes and adapt to the changing environment while implementing even more practical and ease of use virtual options to service the market.

For additional precautionary measures:

We have suspended all local and international travel for our staff,


We have issued guidelines to staff who recently returned firm or who have family members retiring from local/international trips to self quarantine and self report in line with WHO and NCDC guidelines,

We have also appointed a medical examiner who is on ground to advise and attend to staff who may display flu-like symptoms.

For all those who absolutely have and must do a walk-in to the office, our offices are open but fully in line with social distancing guidelines, only a number of customers will be allowed in per time.

We have followed best practice international protocols including the recommended health and safety measures by the World Health Organisation(WHO) and Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

In conformity with the Lagos State Government and ensuring we put you first by limiting the spread of COVID-19, we have taken great care to initiate and implement the following:

To gain access to our offices, staff and visitors undergo temperature screening, are required to wash their hands with water and soap and apply sanitizers.

Our staff will serve you with protective gear (gloves and masks) for your comfort and protection.

While you are waiting to be attended to, please maintain at least 5 feet distance from the next person to you.

We understand the complexity of the times we live in, but we greatly re-assure you that your real estate investment need not be complex as our virtual and digital mediums even further simplify processes for you, granting you convenience while you invest, such that your investment needs need not come to a grinding halt.

So step into a world of real estate safety and convenience, both health wise and investment wise

LandWey cares and together, we will keep your investment wheels spinning.

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