How to make sharp ‘URGENT 2K’ this December

December is known as the season of love, gifts billing left, right, centre and there’s nothing like an amazing inflow of multiple urgent 2k to cover as many expenses that shows up this festive period.

For those asking, urgent 2k, is that unplanned income that comes in without moving so much muscle. Here are possible ways to make as much urgent 2k as possible:


Call that Uncle/Aunty
We all have that rich aunty or uncle who we always call to greet during the course of the year. Now it’s December, good time to reap all your ‘call’ harvest. Call them now and bill them , you can decide to request for 2k or even reach for the stars, it’s the audacity for us.


Gas your friend up
“Ore mi olowo, sinzu, money bag…” you know those friends that their account balance is always smiling no matter the price of dollars. You want to reach out to them now and gas them up really hard, make them laugh so bad and at the climax of the laughter quickly chip in ” My friend, drop something for the boys this christmas now”. We really do hope their laughter stays that loud and something drops in your account.


Create a Christmas wishlist
Birthdays aren’t the only season where a wishlist gets to be created, it happens in December too. Create a chrismas wishlist and share across all your social platforms, you can decide to include your acoount details, and you never know, you may just sleep a ‘zeroniare’ and wake up a billionaire, ask Davido.


Turn your notification on for possible celebrity and brand give-aways
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
This has to be one of the fastest way to make urgent 2k. So many celebrities and brands use this season to show love to their “Fanmily” and “clients….whether or not you fall under these two categories, you too fit chop someting clean mouth. Check out all the popular ‘generous ‘ celebrities and big brands, follow them and turn on your notification button such that you get to be the first to know if they ever give out any urgent 2k.

We hope these hacks, will make you gather as much urgent 2k as possible this festive season. May your holiday be full of love, peace, joy and urgent 2ks.

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