Indoor Date Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. It’s such a fun time, right? Searching for gift ideas, trying to find the perfect place to take babe on a date, trying to figure out what to wear, the best time to go out and come back so you can somehow escape the traffic that’s bound to be abundant that day. Whew. Now, all of a sudden, it doesn’t sound like so much fun, does it?

Hear me out though. Indoor dates. That’s it. That’s the idea. I mean, think about it; with indoor dates, you can both wear joggers, or maybe even shorts. No makeup, no heels, no tux! Plus, you don’t have to actually leave the house; don’t have to face all that Valentine traffic. Add in the fact that both of you can simply fall asleep whenever you decide, and indoor dates just start to look so very appealing.



“Yeah, that sounds great and everything, but what activities could we do on an indoor date, asides Netflix and chill?”

Well, if this is you, then hold that thought. There’s a surprising number of activities you can do on an indoor date. Here are 5:

Karaoke Night. So you’re no Beyonce. That’s alright, you don’t need to be. Laughing at yourself is part of the fun, so pick out songs you both like, grab your favorite makeshift microphone – hairbrush, mopstick or remote – and like Sia, “don’t care if you sing off-key”. There’s something about bad singing and loads of laughter that makes for a good time.


Favorite Scenes. Is there a movie you’ve seen 200 times? That movie you’ve seen so many times that you can just about recite the lines along with the actors? Or maybe it’s a series. Maybe even a book! Here’s an idea; you and babe could act out your favorite love scene from your favorite movie/series/book together. Say the lines to each other well enough, and things could get super steamyyyy wink wink

Spa Dates have been around for such a long time, and for good reason because who doesn’t like a massage? Whip out the oil, people!!! If you’re unsure about what exactly you’re supposed to be doing, all you have to do is watch a couple YouTube videos. Throw in facials, pedicure sessions, light a couple scented candles, and there you have it, a spa right in the house!

Games Night!!! Oh, what’s not to love about games nights? There are so many indoor games to pick from, and you can have as many as you want. Board games like ludo and chess, games like twister, video games, or you could even go old school and play games like “I call on” or “name of name”. It’s your games night, do what you want!

Wine & Paint Night. This is soooo much fun! Get some wine, set up easels, get some paint, and channel your inner Picasso. You can pick anything random to be the subject of your paintings, but a great way to go would be to model for each other. It’s okay to laugh at the painting fails, and you could gift each other the paintings at the end of the date!

There you have it! 5 incredibly fun indoor date ideas for you this Valentine’s. Date is set!

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