Lets Break The Chain in Real Estate


Did you know that women can disappear?


That’s a myth…Maybe a real myth, or maybe just cooked up.

Whatever the case, misinformation sucks, and when it comes to the process of buying land, it can make the process of buying land very arduous and rigorous. Some would say because of the relatively archaic method of buying or selling in this country. Myths are misinterpretations of things, exaggeration about certain things that aren’t even true in the 1st place.

 In this article my major focus would be on certain myths surrounding the ‘Real Estate’ sector which can literally make many hesitant when it comes to buying a land. And that’s a Shame. Because you are missing from the real deal.

     If you are considering buying a land, do not let these following myths some perceive as conventional wisdom stop you. There’s not as much truth to it as you think there is.

Here goes:

Real estate agents are always late for inspections: Lol punctuality is very essential, it is key to any real estate Company or agent. Just like other professionals are careful to arrive on time. Some agents could be late, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to Painting ALL agents in Nigeria as always been late.


Overpricing will help you Avoid Underselling: I have come to acknowledge that this tends to be one of the most common fallacies in real estate. Sellers want to protect their asking price, so they think overpricing it is an effective defense mechanism against selling too low. Newsflash people: overpricing your home often leads to the home sitting on the market for a long time, and not receiving much interest.

There is only one way to buy and buy or sell: Everyone’s process can be tailored to their unique need: preparation for land purchase costs, payment plans, finding the right neighborhood, getting the right and complete documents, authenticating and verifying said documents and land – the process is all about knowing what works best for you.

You don’t need a real estate agent to buy a land now, all that information is online: Today it’s more important than ever to have a great local real estate agent or company on your team. They help and assist you with all the procedures in purchasing or selling a property of your own. It is important to work with a real estate company of your choice who is really experienced in their line of work.  The truth is, you get to ask all questions, clear doubts and make the very best of informed decisions.

Skip the inspection: The land buying process can be a long one and can drain every vestige of every emotion you can imagine. Many might think skipping the inspection makes your work a lot easier and less stressful. But the truth is, it is tempting for buyers to speed up the entire procedure by skipping inspections, however it will cost you more at the end.

So break and smash the chain of myths and go purchase that dream land of yours.

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