4 Reasons Why Urban Prime Is the Home for You!

Good neighborhood? Are the roads accessible? how far from work is it? What’s the nearest bus stop? Is there a school close by I can place my kids in? These are some of the important questions that plague our minds when choosing a home. Finding such a home that ticks all your boxes can prove a difficult feat, but here’s why urban prime is that home for you!


Well-situated, this stunning estate is located right along the Ibeju-lekki development. With just 5 minutes to the Atican Resort Beach, access to both the Abraham Adesanya roundabout and Jubilee bridge within a few minutes drive, what more can a person ask for? Interesting landmarks that makes it a hot spot include; Budo Specialist Hospital, Victoria Garden City, Lagos Business School, Chevron Corporation, Novare Mall Sangotedo, Enyo Filing Station, and Ajah Police Station.


If your major concern is school for your kids, Urban Prime is just the place for you! A 4 minutes’ drive from Urban Prime will take you to the Laura Stephens Nursery & primary school, 6 minutes to Readington school, and 7 minutes to the Lagos Business school. So, what if you don’t have school-age kids and never plan to have any? It is known that being in a school region means safer neighborhood, as it would be watched closely.



The urban lifestyle! Everyone wants to be near the best spots, who can blame them? Imagine a home that’s located near the beach. A different kind of life from the busy and noisy Lagos. Great local spots, walkability, diverse people and activities with which they can participate in. Who wouldn’t pay to be near the beach? Surely not you!

Local amenities

Did you know that the Mother and Child Care Hospital is just a good 1 minute’ drive from Urban Prime? Also, a 2 minutes drive is the Abraham Adesanya roundabout; where you can get public transportation and access to the expressway. Restaurants and local pubs can be found close to the location.

Did Urban Prime tick all your boxes? If so, contact us to find out more and get the home of your dreams!

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