Your house should be so much more than just a place where you sleep at the end of the day. Your house should be your biggest wing man, your biggest sidekick, your buddy in real estate form. And there’s yet to be a building that does that better than the Urban Prime 1 Bedroom Maisonette.

Just in case you need a solid reason why you should invest in this house, here’s 5!

Design. The 1 Bedroom Maisonette has the coolest, most impressive design – a gorgeous, expansive open-floor plan with more than enough room to host a friend or the entire squad, overlooked by a loft space which holds the lone bedroom. This house is sure to make you the envy of all the guys, for sure.

The best Bach Pad you’ll see this year. If you’re a lone wolf in search of a space that’s exclusively yours, then this is the house for you. It’s a home for one; open enough to give you enough to play around, while being private enough to allow you explore. In the 1 bedroom maisonette, you get a home that matches your tastes, however diverse they are.

Money back guarantee. What if you’re simply looking to buy for investment purposes? You can either put this house up for yearly rent, or for short-letting purposes. It’s the perfect venue for cozy events like proposals, bridal showers, baby showers, games nights, barbecue nights, and with the proximity to the beach, beach hangouts. You’re guaranteed your money back!

The view. Can we take a second to appreciate the views in this house? All you have to do is open the blinds, and the tall glass windows immediately flood the house with natural light, while giving you an impressive view of the surroundings at the same time!

Patio. The fun shouldn’t be limited to inside the house, should it? The backyard patio is the perfect place to put a grill on, get together with the girls for a night of drinks and barbecue, or maybe a small outdoor games night. And when you want a little romance, you can cuddle up with the boo beneath the stars.

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