Can’t pay your rent? Here’s what to do

Months long battle with the coronavirus made it difficult for Aishat Bello* and her husband to pay their 450,000 naira rent. “I was so sick I could barely walk to the bathroom,” Aishat said.

Her husband having been let go from his insurance job, was having a hard time meeting medical and feeding expenses for his wife, whose work services had also been put on hold(a hotel administrator).

They’ve lived in their apartment on Addo road, Ajah for over 2 years and if they have to move out due to the inability to make rent, it would be devastating, Aishat said.

The coronavirus pandemic has made almost every facet of life for most Nigerians harder, and coming up with rent is high on that list. Jobs are disappearingtand although the paychecks have stopped, the rent bills haven’t.

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