Chronicles of real estate investors: When a life ends-Part 2

Emeka continued driving furiously, like a mad man on the loose. I held on to the edge of my seat, double checked to see if my seatbelt was on, and then I just kept on saying a frantic prayer in my heart, as tears fell freely down my cheeks. Hot tears, in torrents. Thoughts and memories came rushing in my head, but not a sound left my lips as my face doused in tears.


He only had to honk once furiously as we pulled up to the gate as Aliyu quickly flung the gate home. Pulling into the compound, Emeka flung open the car door and raced into the house through the back door.


Me: Aliyu, weting happen?
Madam I dey very sorry…na your husband people. Dem nearly wan bust with their moto, na him I open for them, dem run enter inside house, you know say you no lock the door as you rush go hospital, I dey sorry ma.


Now the picture was clear. I glanced towards the house and saw the main entrance door to the living room flung open. I took deep breaths that I was already out of, and walked into the house at the quickest pace I could muster, my legs were weak and almost giving in.


I entered the living room. The entire space was turned upside down. Obi, my husband’s brother was ransacking cabinets and cupboards in the back end of the dining room space, I saw him from across the living room. I heard crashing sounds of things upstairs and I knew there were folks upstairs. He didn’t even hear me enter.
Me: Obi! I called out to him.

He stopped dead in his tracks, froze for a few seconds, gathered his composure and turned around to look at me.
Obi: Nwanyi, kedu nwanne anyi? (Woman, where is our brother?)
Me: Why are you here? I asked him….
Obi: What a stupid ignorant question! I ask you one more time, where is our brother and what have you done with him?
Me: Shouldn’t you be at the hospital at your brother’s side? Why are you here? Why did you barge in here? Why didn’t you call me? You just waltzed into my home?
Obi: Bia bia bia, point of correction, uno nwanne anyi (our brother’s home).
Me: So, this is what means the most to you, above your brother’s life?
Obi: What??? What do you mean?
Me: What you are searching for, what you seek…what you’re searching for, that’s the only thing most important to you?
Obi: Woman I refuse to trade words with you…we heard that our brother passed on. We are here to administrate over his property and with the wisdom of elders do what is best in the interest of…
Me: Shame!!! Shame on you!!!! Your brother would be reeling…In the interest of who?



I hear a banging sound of the back-door slamming. Emeka comes barging in from the front door with documents in hand. Stella my husband’s elder sister comes rushing from the staircase leading upstairs to the living room, where I and Obi are screaming at the top of our voices.

Emeka: Mum let’s get the hell out of here, we’d be back. I have it.
Stella: Emeka, what did you take??? Obi o jikwa ya!!!O jik kwa akukwo!!!(Obi, he has it!!! He has the documents!!!)

Me: Shame!!!Shame on the both of you! (I spit on the floor in utter disgust). What manner of humans are you? What are you made of? Your brother just passed away, and here you are, tearing up his house like hungry scavengers.

Mum!! Let’s leave…
Emeka dragged my hands out of the house and into the car as I broke down in tears. I really didn’t want to cry, I was holding up, didn’t want to let these mongrels see me sweat, but I couldn’t hold it anymore.


We get into the car. Emeka drives off in silence as we head back to the hospital.
A few minutes later, Emeka speaks:
Emeka: Mum, who’s Priscilla?
I remembered. I knew exactly who that was. I say nothing in retort to him.
Emeka: Dad’s will. He leaves us everything, our current home, all investments and monies, all the houses except the house in Ikoyi. He willed it to Priscilla and her child. The lawyer, the secondary executors of the will have to ensure that she gets her bit, else we get nothing. Who’s Priscilla?
I say nothing. This time the tears fall helplessly. Through my tears, I respond:

Me: Emeka, we have a burial to plan. We need to give your dad a befitting burial. We need to get your siblings to come home from school. (I manage to fake a smile).

My husband’s mistress was definitely coming. I push back the car seat and close my eyes, living my horror

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