CrowdOwnership; Real estate co-ownership platform


In a bid to create a profitable, vibrant and viable entry into real estate investment by pooling investors together to collectively own size allotments of real estate, LandWey has launched Crowdownership.

Crowdownership, with office headquarters in Lagos Nigeria, is an online platform geared towards providing investors access to wealth by bringing a carefully curated crowd mix of investment savvy folks, and affording them a myriad of real estate investment options. Leveraging on specialized knowledge in real estate value investment strategy, while giving key insight to investors, Crowdownership grants the most profitable edge in the real estate market.

Real Estate investment remains the surest path to creating true and lasting wealth. Many are often put away by the huge capital investment required to participate in the real estate space. Tons of investors are forced to place their focus on low-hanging investments. To bridge this gap, we at Landwey have an launched an initiative that makes room for flexible and easy access to real estate through co-ownership.


This initiative is an offshoot of the company’s commitment to make real estate investment readily accessible and available to all Crowdownership offers flexible options to match the investment appetite and needs of the general public. However, it is open to only members of the Crowdownership Club, and works on a crowd ownership basis/co-ownership arrangement. The initiative has options for land and homes for either a team of 4 or 8.

Through this platform, people can increase their investment, upon maturity or re-invest their returns for more earnings. In addition to this, individuals who are not interested in co-owning properties, can invest their funds for a fixed period and for a fixed rate of return. The platform also offers an option that enables people lend their saving to the company that will also attract interest.
The initiative which was officially launched on the 28th of November 2019, has applicable terms and conditions. Do check out our FAQ on the website and for more information on this:, or follow on Instagram: @crowdownership

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