Design – What’s in, 2019? Let’s let you in on it!

Designing your home? Even though you don’t want your home thoroughly steeped in current trends only for it to become dated after these trends blow over, it’s still useful knowledge to be aware of what’s in right now, to know where design is headed in 2019. That way you can sparingly include some of these in your home design and then cheerfully do it with a combo of what’s more your style, what you’d always like or what represents you regardless of what trends come and go.

You don’t want your entire home looking like the 14th century, do you? If you do, maybe you don’t belong in this era (lol).


No short cutting on comfort
From soft carpets underfoot to a sofa so relaxed you want to relax for hours on end, spending the money to get these basic things right are very important and are incredibly gratifying. If you’re spending, might was well get comfort for the spend.


Standard modernism – modern aesthetic over a rustic style
While black-and-white contrast and raw materials like steel and wood will continue to be popular, they’ll be softened by colour and asymmetry. These modern basics will have a fresh affability when encircled by sun-soaked fabrics and natural wall coverings.


Tech takeover
Talk-to-me tech products help you get things done with your voice, and homeowners are using them to modernize their daily routine. In 2019 you’ll see smart faucets, fans, window coverings and appliances paired with popular platforms — Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod — for a convenient, connected home.


There’ll also be a huge featuring of products that offer easy installation and seamless integration into existing layouts make projects remodel-friendly. Innovative sinks, faucets, medicine cabinets, appliances and lighting provide a quick transformation to refresh the style and functionality of your space. Ethereal, sheer and translucent fabrics will support the aesthetic, pairing an organic feel with the benefits and convenience of select technology.


Industrial/Warehouse style
Industrial styles are predicted to rise in popularity in 2019. Quartz, metal, concrete, matte black and bronze continue to lead and complement a more industrial vibe. But when selecting wall colours, appliances, faucet finishes and fabrics, consider the possibilities of moody blues and the gray colour range. From warm light grays to the coolness of matte black, these tones add a subtle layer of intrigue and distinction. Plus, black and charcoal gray front doors.



For the love of nature
Elements that emphasize the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between the two will show out majorly in 2019. Natural, organic materials–such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings the outside and nature, in. We are a machine- and technology-driven society, but nostalgic about past processes and handiwork, so opportunities for custom nature and crafted materials are very important.”


Sustainable, organic handmade accents
Handmade details can immediately soften an interior. This year you’ll see rhythmic patterns and imperfect lines incorporated through hand-painting, stitching and detailing, expanding the possibilities for endless mixing and matching in the home. Additionally, fabrics and accents with strands of crystal, wooden and pearlescent beads present a sophisticated flair for artful detail.


Home decor favourites will still include earthy elements and coarse textures. Think neutral naturals by simply adding a wooden side table and sculpture, live and fake plants for colour, and natural fibers through rugs and fabrics.


Bold black bathrooms
The spa-induced bathroom feel has officially returned. These days it’s all about bold, dark, sultry bathroom designs that conjure an indulgent luxurious experience.


Uneven, irregular shapes
In indoor as well as outdoor spaces we’d see a major turn and shift away from straight, rigid furniture lines and choosing to flowy, enveloping tub chairs and curved sofas.”

What’s Out:
Eclectic clutter
When a space has too many things going on–to the point where you can barely utilize a surface area for function–it creates chaos.
Eclecticism at some point had a huge following, featured in designs across borders, but an overdose on eclectic combo? It’s on a downward roll.
The inability to use design for function is one of the biggest cons we see with this trend. Everything you invest in should have purpose, and we see 2019 shaping out to be a year of reduction and purpose in the items used to style, so say goodbye to eclectic clutter.

The signature statement range hood covered in rustic materials will swing to simplified finishes, like brushed brass, stainless and matte black. The harsh light of the Edison bulb will move to a more complementary glow, reflecting concealed bulbs versus exposed ones.

Bold, trendy colour schemes are likely on the way out, with more subtle earth tones and cool, classic palettes on the rise. In all, a polished, earthy, industrial finish with a pop of neutrals and handmade pieces, complimenting uneven shapes is what 2019 is poised to be about.

Whether trends inspire you or not, it’s important to be aware of them, because they help shape your own personal sense of interior style.

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