Guides To Get Building Plans Approval In Lagos

When you say or hear about a building plan what comes to mind?  Relatively few have a plan or an idea on what they intend to carry out on their property. First and foremost what is a building plan?  A building plan is a graphical representation of what a building will look like after construction, it is used by builders and contractors to construct buildings of all kinds and also the process of obtaining a development permits or getting your building plan approved is a fundamental part of constructing a building in states across Nigeria, especially in Lagos state. One of the biggest mistakes one can make as regards construction of a building in Lagos is to commence without building plan approval or building permit from the government. It is very important to have or get an approval from the government officials.

   There are 5- steps guide to get your building plan approved in Lagos state.


This is where the Lagos state physical planning permit Authority (LASPPPA), a parastatal under the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development is in charge of Development permit in Lagos state. It is important that your land must have a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) before your building can be assessed by the appropriate authorities.

Get Architectural Drawings

This process involves contacting a certified architect that is aware of Lagos state building plan approval peculiarities to prepare a design and plan for you. During this process ensure that the rooms are cross ventilated, Room sizes must not be less than 3x 3.6m and finally use legible lines.


Demand Notice from the District offer and make payment

During this procedure ensure to send your architectural drawings, building plan, title documents and survey plan to the district office for assessment and endorsement of your design, you’ll be required to pay a fee which is calculated based on your proposed design.

Inspection by the District office

This is where a team from the District office comes to inspects your site to be sure that your Land and other attributes of the building corresponds to what you have in the documents you presented, The site inspector, charting officer, Architects and site Engineers with their reports.


Government depending on your proposal

Before submission of your application, the site will be inspected. This is the first of various inspections that your site will be subjected to. The reason is to know if the site in question is the same as the one being proposed for development and also, that you have not commenced construction before building plan approval. The site will also be checked with the immediate environment to see if proposal is in conformity with the existing land use, and if the size of the plot is as presented in the survey plan and design proposal.

Finally, the site will be re-visited to confirm that construction has not commenced before recommending to the District Officer(DO) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) if application should be granted approved or not. All of these can be done for you by your architect, surveyor or any other knowledgeable member of your building team.

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