Home virtual touring: the questions you should be asking as a home buyer

So everyone’s taking about touring and investing in homes and real estate virtually, but you know more than ever before that now it is imperative that you ask the right questions so you can have all the facts and make an informed decision from this buying process that is new to many. As we see video-chat home tours surge in popularity, it’s not always clear what the standard operating procedure should be – especially from the vantage point of your couch. There are plenty of recommended questions you should consider when touring homes in person, but what about when you’re social distancing?

Let’s give you a heads up and give you insider information as to the key questions you should be asking if you’re considering a home or property tour virtually.

Questions to ask  before your video-chat home tour

Floorplan of the home for reference during the tour? This can help you get a better sense of the size and layout of rooms as your agent shows you what they’re like in real-time.

If we experience network reception issues, can you record a video and send it to me instead? Be clear about which features of the home you’d like to focus on, which areas to spend extra time on and where to show multiple angles.

Questions to ask during your video-chat home tour

Do any features or surfaces look worn or damaged? It’s not always easy to tell from a video, so take some time to make sure looks match reality.


What are the noise levels like inside and outside the home? If a home is on a busy street or near popular public areas, you’ll want to know if volume may be a concern.

Can you open any curtains or blinds so I can see all possible views? Sometimes a seller might be hiding an obstructed or unsightly view if a window is covered up.

How old are the kitchen appliances? The life expectancy of kitchen appliances varies and can be easily overlooked during a video home tour. Replacing old appliances can be very expensive so be sure that the home you are touring has appliances that will function well into the foreseeable future.

In carpeted areas, can you walk around and tell me if you hear any creaking or other sounds? Finding out that your subflooring has structural issues, post-closing, can significantly add to the overall cost of the home down the road.

If there’s landscaping, is it well-maintained with quality materials? Curb appeal can play a big role in home value, so don’t forget to check the condition of the spaces outside of the home. This may just influence the amount you’d want to offer.

While it sounded futuristic only weeks ago, more buyers are making offers after taking video-chat and virtual tours than ever before.  LandWey’s virtual tour office ensures that you can still actively invest in the market, take a virtual tour and to make it even better, we know for a fact that you as a buyer have to be equipped with all the right questions so you can get specific and key information to make the best,well informed investment decisions. And this is our desire: seeing well informed buyers take on investments from a place of knowledge and facts while we set up new tools for each step of the buying process.

So, if you’re planning on taking advantage of the market during this historic season, which you should, we’ve got everything you need to find your next home , or investment property, without leaving your current one. To start now, log on to www.virtual.landweyinvestment.com or call/WhatsApp: +234 818 746 6666, +234 818 655 4455.

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