Investment strategies to follow in a crisis

In view of the current unprecedented financial straits we find ourselves in, a huge number of investors are weary, skeptical and distressed, and understandably so. Is another recession on the way? It might seem so, there are pointers to that effect, as we can envisage a sudden drop in spending, one of the huge characteristics of a recession.


Regardless, now is not the time to cower in fear and stay transfixed in financial stagnation. Trying times call for exceptional, chess-like proactive moves. So a key question to ponder over is: what is my investment strategy, right now? To a large extent, this will determine what your bounce-back game is like after this hurdle pass, and how you ride out this storm in the first place.

Given the extraordinary global circumstances, many investors are now fearing that another recession is underway. It makes sense, as recessions are often the result of an abrupt drop in spending, although most causes of recessions cannot be predicted in advance.

The tricky times upon us now in no way behoves that all investments should be put on hold; it just means that different industries and types of investments are safer than others. Here are some key thoughts to keep in mind:

Absolutely low risk investments only:

This is in no way the scenery for experimentation or testing out unsure waters when it comes to investment. The most important aspect of anyone’s recession-time investment strategy should be playing it safe. This involves avoiding investments that are highly leveraged or speculative. Focus on finding the safest investment options with low debt. And as a general guideline, try not to take any major risks at an already uncertain time.

Portfolio diversification


Now more than ever before is the time to spread your investment’s tentacles across sure stable waters. It’s throughly okay to keep your realm of diversification within the confines of certain aspects of an investment sector that provide a predictable measure of safety. Take real estate for example. You could invest in rental properties, land banking which clearly has the long term in sight( a good turn around time for the current tide to pass while you bank on appreciation, as long as it is investment in appreciation-prone locations).

A sure bet would also be to diversify across industries. This protects you from greater losses if a particular product or industry loses value.

The go-to investment:. Real estate

Though a major recession can bring serious loses to many industries, real estate — provided wise investments are made — is usually not among them. At times such as these, you very well will be able to buy a property at a lower and sell it for a large profit when prices rise back up after the economy and markets have recovered. In the meantime, you can also generate reliable passive income during the interim period if you invest in rental properties.

It’s important to brave the times if the dividends are to be enjoyed in the foreseeable future. There’s always an angle of gain, even during dire straits.

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