Rising Rents, Now Might Be the Time to Buy an Investment Property

This growing imbalance between the increasing population and demand for housing in Nigeria will continue to exert an upward increase in rental values. The Increasing rental prices are plaguing tenants in Nigeria, with political and economic worries keeping them from making smart financial decisions. Even so, smart investors are getting into the landlord game themselves, snapping up properties to rent out. Thereby providing affordable housing to accommodate the needs of Nigeria’s growing middle class.


You may be looking to wait out the market for a lower price or keep their money to invest elsewhere, not considering Real estate as a potential multiplier of money. Waiting out, to get a better deal, can prove too long and one might miss the opportunity to make a profit. What should you look out for? Places with high rates of development like the Ibeju Lekki axis in Lagos which is gaining increased interest from Nigerians to live close to such a budding area. What does this mean for potential buyers like you, who plan to “buy to rent” their properties; getting in now means they can take advantage of high rents.



In Lagos, rents are up across the board. Demand is high for apartments, partially because people are renting instead of buying. So, for those interested in buying a property, but don’t need cash right away, buying to rent out a property now might mean getting the cash you might need in the future, it might make sense to rent it out. So, instead of investing your assets in the stock market, why not purchase homes to rent, and for parents’ homes for children. Foregoing a luxury for two or more properties you can easily rent out to the middle class, would prove a way better investment deal in the nearest future than a buying a Rolls-Royce.


There’s a clique, who can be considered “smart Nigerians”; They have a home and they are staying there and they make money without lifting a finger by buying properties to rent out. Have you gotten into the game yet? the game of “buying to rent”? the one that secures your future and that of your family. Well, you should, let LandWey show you how!

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