Should You Delay Your Real Estate Investment During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The facts of the case point to one truth: Those with secure financial options who have funds stashed away and the confidence to find a home site unseen using the right virtual tools can still find the right home for them.

The adage, “where there is a will, there is a way,” certainly holds true – both buyers and sellers can successfully transact and reap the coming dividends that lie in-store when this season bounces back and things head to normal. Coming out of this season a smart investor is one of the best positioning strategies ever.

For those who have an immediate need to put away money in an investment that appreciates rather than having it lying fallow in the bank or tapping into stashed funds or thise looking to scoop up potentially rewearding deals now, a buyer with the financial ability to move quickly in the market has the upper hand, especially now.

For the buyer who has not viewed the property in advance of stay-at-home orders, engaging the many benefits of virtual tools and services is more critical than ever. Video tours, photos and videos, floorplans and online street-views help paint a good perspective picture of the property and investment.

For additional peace of mind, if need be, an investor could ask for a post-closing survival agreement which allows him to do an inspection at a future time when they are allowed in the property.


Traditional closings and signing off on the deal can expect to see the new twist of maybe remote notarization of signed documents, electronic signatures and finalized details. This may be a drastic change in some places, but may be one of the best advancements to come from this pandemic.

For a homebuyer who has got his funds on a lockdown, this is a good time to get a deal. Those who can identify the right home and investment from trusted, investment companies that are strategically positioned along the lines of development with authentic paperwork, just might get themselves the deal they’ve been waiting for.

In the coming months, when this pandemic subsides, those who have the proactive guts and wherewithal will reap the highest rewards.

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