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Appreciation post:

At such a time as this in the history of our great country Nigeria, in this time of uncertainty, plague and ill, we deem it important to show gratitude to t sohose on the frontlines of keeping the COVID19 virus at bay, who work tirelessly day and night to ensure that the numbers of those exposed stay minimal, those who assiduously keep us updated and equip us with useful information, those who take care of those already battling with the yoke of this dreadful virus.

And so:

To every healthcare officer,
To every nurse, doctor and health care support staff
*To our power holding companies and its staff,
To the NCDC, WHO, and other local health/medical institutions,*
To our policemen and other security agencies
To our airport security/medical team fully on ground for checks,
To our farmers and food industry operatives
To our news agencies and organizations,
To our fire/emergency teams and officers,

To all those who work tirelessly to keep us our families safe, slicing and thriving


We doff our hats off to you.

We salute your bravery in the face of fear, your tenacity, and your undying willingness to serve.

We thank you for your sacrifice.

Together we will #flattenthecurve of COVID19

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