What is in your bag of life?



I had a teacher who would ask the same question at the end of his class “What is in your bag of life?” It was a rhetorical question that we were expected to ponder on and determine the morals we had imbibed throughout our lives. However, this article is not a query on your morality bit your investments. This ‘bag of life’ in finance speak is your Investment Portfolio.

To state the contents of your portfolio, you need to understand its meaning. In non-finance speak, a Portfolio is a combination of materials that showcases one’s beliefs, skills, qualifications, education, training and experiences. In finance, Portfolio refers to a collection of financial assets such as 

A Portfolio is held by an individual or managed by financial professionals. In creating your Portfolio, it is important to note that the rewards from an investment option is directly proportional to the risk involved. Additionally, the length of time you would like to invest is a criteria in selecting your investment options.

As a potential investor, it is imperative to curate your Portfolio to appeal to your risk appetite and attain the bet yield for your preferred investment period. If you are interested in including secure and valuable real estate options to your Portfolio, consult the Landwey Sales Team for the best insights.

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