Continuing from where we stopped, Lagos is a stage and you just might be an extra in another person’s drama. You might not have gotten a script but it is certain you have been either an extra, supporting act or the main act in a show. The title of your movie could be “Getting your…

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Budget For Your Future

  Before a major party, one would make many different categories of needs such as food, music, security, souvenirs and so on. Next, a decision would be made on the total amount that one is willing to spend and the amount for each category. Without carefully budgeting, one may spend more money than anticipated after…

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What’s not to love about Lagos? Yellow buses and constant movement, busy markets and quiet beaches, there are so many things to love about Lagos but let’s talk about five. There’s food at every corner. Street food or fine dining, there’s always food on the streets of Lagos. There’s a mashai kiosk waiting to serve…

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Where Is The Best Place To Live In Lagos

Lagos, for many years, has been widely known as the capital of Nigeria before it was moved to Abuja. However, despite the change, lagos has retained its importance as the business and entertainment capital of Nigeria. Therefore, for pleasure and business, Lagos is always alive with activities and teeming with people. Making decisions on the…

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The Confusing case of Rent versus Lease

It was common to hear a classmate say “borrow me your pencil” or “I borrowed X my eraser” especially while in primary school. It was a huge task for English teachers to correct the wrong use of borrow and lend. This error still prevails till date. Similarly, a very recurring dilemma is in the use…

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What is in your bag of life?

    I had a teacher who would ask the same question at the end of his class “What is in your bag of life?” It was a rhetorical question that we were expected to ponder on and determine the morals we had imbibed throughout our lives. However, this article is not a query on…

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Strategies To Weather Economic Downturns in Lagos

  The streets of Lagos are now up and running for the most part, thanks to the ease of the lockdown that head held sway for over 3 weeks. Though it’s a far cry from a complete return to normal, certain businesses can now make a guarded, slow return to the market place, gradually building…

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How To Secure a Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

Getting a bank loan can be a tedious process in Nigeria, especially as a small business. A big investment is only worth it when there is an immense return of investment, not just in the imminent value but enough to use as collateral when obtaining a loan. In determining how land is an obtainable collateral,…

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