Why we are the RIGHT WEY – Client Testimonial

There’s nothing quite like getting first-hand testimony, you know? It’s why we ask questions like “where did you get your hair done?” or “Where did you get that shirt?”

It’s the assurance that comes with a testimonial – knowing that real people have patronized that business, and you can see first-hand what the experience is like.

We understand this need, and it’s why we’ve spoken to a Landwey client who has not only patronized, but has also moved into her Landwey home. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your name?

My name is Olubunmi Ogun

How did you hear about Landwey?

I heard it through a friend, Frances Eza. She is into property; she sells land and things like that, and she thought it was a great opportunity because there was a promo going on at that time. And here we are.

Why did you choose Landwey?

I chose Landwey because – I mean not just because the friend introduced us to the property, but when we came for a tour, I came with a couple colleagues of mine, and we saw the architectural layout, the design – really fantastic. It was just really different, and the showrooms were very well-done. Looking around the apartment, I was just blown away.


How easy was the buying process?

Interestingly, I had thought it was going to be quite tedious, knowing that there’s usually a ton of paperwork that is done. However I was pleasantly surprised that Landwey is quite online, and even to fill the forms I had to fill it online, and I thought that was a beautiful experience. It’s different from having to be shoving paper up and down, I must tell you. It made it easy to process.

What has your experience been in the Urban Prime Estate?

Very responsive, always eager to do more, always eager to help, from the CSO to the architects, I know all their names. Very warm, and they’re always looking out to ensure that you get the best service. I think the experience has been really wonderful, I can’t complain.

If you had to describe your Landwey home in 3 words, what would they be?

I’d say exquisite, I’d say beautifully laid out – I’ll use that as one word – and I don’t think anything is perfect, but I’ll say near perfection.


There you have it; a real-life testimony from a real client. If you would like to look through our products, you can look here.

You should buy a Landwey home. It’s the right wey!

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