You already bought a home; you just don’t know it!

Believe it or yes, you already committed to owning your own home a long time alone, you already divested and invested your funds to buying a home, land or property. So congratulation 🎉 you just bought a home! (For some, they’ve bought several).

Have you been living on your own from say 21 years of age, and are you now 30 years old, or more or close? Have you paid anything to the tune of 700,000 naira with an upward increment over the years as rent? That amounts to 6.3 Million naira, funds close enough for you to own a one Bedroom apartment in WestWood Park Estate, a fully functional modern estate off Monastery road, close to Shoprite in Sangotedo, Ajah, or even to buy your own piece of land in some part of Lagos where development is headed in 5-7 years. This particular statistic mentioned in this article might not be your exact stats, but if you do a similar math for your peculiar context, you’d understand that you desperately need your Landlord out of your life, right now!!!

Year after year, the most and the biggest chunk of your income goes to making him richer, with no physical property that you own to show for it. He gets to keep your hard earned wads of naira, he gets to keep his property, he gets to keep the appreciation in rental value and actual value of the property, he gets to keep the benefits that accrue from all the developments that are placed where his property is located, if he’s done a smart investment. And what do you get to keep? That’s a question that you should critically ask, and the answer is already obvious.

If you then take a step into the future, and by conjecturing, figure out how much you would have paid in total as rent by the time you’re 60 or 65, factoring in the fact that rent will definitely continue on an upward increased swing, and also do the same math for your children, you’d be an alien not to freak out. The figures will absolutely blow your mind!!! But hopefully it blows your mind into taking the right step right now, without a day’s wait.


Why shouldn’t it be you, reaping all of that huge bounty that your landlord is and has been steadily basking in for years? And who says you can’t have more than 2,3 properties, bringing you income on the regular?

But of uppermost concern is to do this correctly. Not all Landlords can compete with Baba Ijebu income flow. Some landlords are probably on the leagues of Baba Suwe. Where are you placing your property investment that can yield the most for you in terms of rental income, and how are you ensuring that your investment is safely and securely placed, with the most mind blowing infrastructure set up to ensure value in your investment? Speak to us at LandWey today. You’d be glad you did.

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