Moving from one locale to another can be very stressful.

Sometimes people move because it’s necessary. They move for various reasons, new job, new school, marriage, etc.… But what should you expect when moving from one location to another, especially when you’re in a metropolitan city like Lagos? Already, there is the issue of a housing deficit due to overpopulation. There is also the issue of intense traffic. So yes, house hunting in Lagos can give you a scare. But not to worry we’re here to guide you.

Here are four (4) hacks we have compiled to make the journey easy.

First, you’re going to need to do research on where exactly will be suitable for you, considering factors like proximity to work or business, your financial strength, and of course traffic. You need to consider the cost of living to see if your finances can sustain such. Traffic is basically inevitable in Lagos, but the trick is to choose a house in a location where you will always go against traffic when going to work, that way you have a better chance of beating traffic and getting to work early on most days.

Next, you need to find an agent to take you on inspection, agents who will show you houses in your preferred locations. Now the reason why a lot of people are always stressed when house hunting is that they don’t do their own research, they don’t have any location in mind, so they just go wherever their agents take them, which can consume time, resources, and also stress you out. So, get a place in mind, contact an agent and tell them where exactly you’re looking to live and let them help you out with the sourcing because you can’t do it alone.

Another thing you need to look out for is the endless payment of dues. Some agents only take little fees for inspections while others require that you buy their forms first sometimes at outrageous prices, but these are things we get to deal with in Lagos. Be sure to get yourself prepared for those extra charges.

Now when you finally get your dream house, please be observant. Look out for flood markers, electricity, and even estate security. In fact, it is advisable to inspect during the rainy season, because some landlords may not be completely open to you as regards the condition of their house or listings.

So even after seeing a house that tickles your fancy, do your own research, and ask questions before you make a down payment.  These things are really vital if you’re going to enjoy your new house.


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