July marks the start of the second half of the year!

We are somehow, astonishingly, halfway through the year of 2022! And a lot of us are probably dismayed thinking of the many things we are yet to achieve so far.

But not to worry!

The midpoint of the year is the perfect time to reflect on goals set at the start of the year to see how we are doing, assess whether any of our goals need to change, harvest the lessons learned and figure out some next steps for the second half of the year.

Whether you have been checking in on your goals regularly, or you can’t remember what they were, this process is useful. 

Celebrating the positive changes and steps taken (even if small!), adjusting or pivoting goals that haven’t gone to plan (with joy and grace) and cancelling others that now feel wrong are some of the rights ways to start.

Start with a personal review:

This helps to achieve self-accountability. Summarize your goals into 3 categories e.g., Work, Relationships and Lifestyle. See what areas you have taken some BIG steps in and most importantly take stock of areas that need improvement , then make some new plans for the second half of the year, especially if it’s a key goal for you.

No failures!

This mindset is crucial to your progress. As much as you can, do not beat yourself up for the goals you haven’t achieved yet. There are no failures. Rather take time out to understand WHY. Change your perspective and look from an informed point of view. WHY didn’t I meet my income goals? WHY didn’t I take that course? WHY didn’t I get promoted? Asking WHY will give you a broader perspective, help you evaluate the reasons why some goals were not achieved while helping you plan and prioritize for the second half of the year.


Like William Athur Ward said,’ If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it’. Determination is all you need to achieve anything you have set out to accomplish for the second half of the year and in life as a whole.

Some review and planning questions for you:

Firstly, look back to January of this year.

Picture your state of mind at the time. Where you were. What you were wearing. Remember the weather. Where you were spending most of your time. Think about what the you of 6 months ago wished for in January.

Now take some time to note everything that has happened since then. In February, March, April, May and June. Think about the experiences that have shaped you, the joys that have lifted you and the grief that has softened you.

How amazingly you have grown in the last 6 months! Give yourself a high-five/hug/pat on the back for all of the growth you’ve experienced in the last 6 months. It’s counterintuitive to do this, our brains are literally hard wired to focus on the negatives and the areas that we *haven’t* made progress in. But try to do so. And we’re not necessarily looking for great big wins and life changing leaps. Sometimes simply surviving is absolutely worthy of celebration. Then:

  1. Think back to the goals you made for yourself in January. Read over them if you wrote them down.
    • Where have you been able to make progress toward them in the last quarter (or 6 months)? Where haven’t you been able too? Why?
    • What felt good? What felt bad? Why?
    • What lessons are you taking away with you? Really let this guide you in your planning for the next 6 months)
  2. If you are not where you wanted to be the first thing to figure out is whether your goals are actually right for you. Do you need to adjust/pivot/cancel/change any of them? Go back and make changes to your goals if necessary.
  3. If your goals still feel right but you are not where you wanted to be: Think about:
    • Other circumstances in your life that may be affecting the actualization of your goals.
    • Could you simplify your goals?
    • Park any for later?
    • Could you narrow down your time and energy commitments in order to make your goals happen?
  4. If your goals feel right, and you’re pleased with where things are, then HURRAY! How will you celebrate? Do you know what your next steps are? Have you scheduled in the next review?
  5. In order to meet your annual or big goals, what do you need to do in the next quarter? Take into account your current circumstances (your time, energy, resources etc.) and remember to include joy!

Remember that in everything we must be grateful and thankful. So, get into the 2nd half of the year with your head held high, shoulders squared, Goals laid out and achieve all that you have set to achieve.

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