Plastic litters around our streets, parks, and compounds have become quite the norm- at least for many areas in the country- and it is easy for people to consider it as part of everyday life. You see people dumping plastic wastes in the river, on farm lands, and similar places. And no, it is not supposed to be a norm, as it is quite the eyesore. First, it is not bio degradable and secondly it makes the environment look dirty, plastics have no place in our rivers, lakes or fam lands, they shouldn’t even be seen lying around on our streets, they don’t in any way add to the beauty and luster of the environment, if anything they only cause nuisance.

Now the thing is, we can’t just boycott the use of plastics, because they are one of the major sources of goods packaging in the country. So, the big question is, how do we recycle plastics and repurpose them?

Here are some ways in which we can recycle and repurpose plastics so they don’t cause harm to us or our environment.


Reuse your plastic coffee creamer containers for snack storage

Plastics that were once used to package your coffee or other beverages can be used to store your biscuits or snacks at home. It’s even better as it will prevent breeze from getting into the snacks and dampening them.


Make a plastic bottle planter
You can use plastic bottles to grow plants around your home. So, they will serve as the plant holders. You can do this by cutting plastics open and filling them with manure then plant your seeds in there or stick in your plant roots in them, you can then place these in strategic places around your home.


Reuse plastic bottles by creating a colourful vertical garden with them
Instead of trashing those colourful plastics bottles, save them and use them to create a vertical garden, you can do this by lining them up in a vertical fashion. This will not only be useful for planting, but will also have aesthetic effect on your garden.


Use old plastic bottles as bottle sprinkler to water plants
You can also use plastic bottles as water sprinkler for your plants. All you need to do is puncture tiny holes in the cap of the plastics, fill I with water and voila, you have a water sprinkler for your plants every day.


Repurpose your plastics bottles by using them to store pencils, buttons and even kitchen utensils.
Storing your pencils, buttons and even kitchen utensils in a plastics container is another resourceful way of both saving space and repurposing plastics. With this method, all your items are intact, and you can monitor where each item is kept.

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