The Confusing case of Rent versus Lease

It was common to hear a classmate say “borrow me your pencil” or “I borrowed X my eraser” especially while in primary school. It was a huge task for English teachers to correct the wrong use of borrow and lend. This error still prevails till date. Similarly, a very recurring dilemma is in the use of rent versus lease.

In real estate speak, renting and leasing are different, therefore, not interchangeable. As a landowner or property owner, one would lease such property on a platform like RentityPro or to enable prospective tenants indicate interest.

As a prospective tenant, an indication of interest in a leased property means you would want to rent the property for use. Both terms apply to real estate but are used in different ways. Hopefully, the next time you come across both terms, it would be easier to understand their applications.

Platforms like RentityPro and are credible avenues to lease and rent properties easily. Visit or to get started.

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