It’s more than smart homes, now it’s smart mirrors

Designer Yves Behar has introduced an AI powered smart mirror that ...


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all? Yes it’s a battle of smarts now, not just who the fairest is.

Smart mirrors are a relatively new trend that takes reflectivity in the bathroom to the next level. Designed with perfect illumination in mind, they add extra luxury to the bathroom. Now the mirror cannot only provide a vision but so much more. With a variety of smart technologies, mirrors in the bathroom, as well as other areas of the house, can now offer added uses.

Driven by technology, smart mirrors designs now offer a variety of mirrors in different styles, dimensions and price points. They offer a circular as well as rectangular onea and it’s smart mirrors feature vary in luminosity levels ranging from cool light (optimal for makeup application) to warm light (perfect for winding down before bedtime), defogging features to reduce mirror steam in less than five seconds and memory function to save one’s ideal light settings for daily use. With a minimally designed icon panel, these mirrors are controlled by touching integrated icon buttons. With a luminosity of >300 Lux [unit of illumination] and gradual adjustments of light color ranging from warm candle light to cool light (2,700 – 6,500 kelvin light color), these mirrors afford illumination as required for the task on hand and time of day.


Certain Voice Lighted Mirror now have voice control with Amazon Alexa, fully connected with app controlling various products around the house from including shower settings, lighting levels and so on. The smart mirror has all of the functionality of an Amazon Echo, such as shopping, playing music, or receiving traffic updates with the functionality embedded in the mirror. It also features built-in voice-controlled dimmable LED lighting that can be adjusted (up to 1000 lux [unit of illumination]) for better makeup application or grooming. Included is a motion-activated night light making it easy to navigate the bathroom in the dark, which brightens to a comfortable level for handwashing. There are also two pivoting side mirrors creating direct light where it is needed. The mirrors are available in 24, 34 and 40 ice lengths by 33 inch heights.

The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror performs and functions like a tablet with both touchscreen and voice interfaces, internet access and Android’s operating system that allows users to download apps and use Google Voice Assistant for a variety of hands-free tasks. The Smart Mirror’s voice and touch screen allows consumers to check the morning traffic with Google Voice Assistant, catch the latest beauty blogs on YouTube, browse social media feeds, get updates on breaking news and much more. Users can ask Google to turn on the lights and start the coffee maker or ask to hear the morning news briefing, all while brushing their teeth. For those who want to jump straight into work-mode, they can access the full suite of Google applications to check their commute time or review a presentation in Google Drive.

What other home features are you dying to see Smart function take over in your home?

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