January Reminders for Juicing up Your Real Estate Investment

reminderWe’re almost halfway into the month of January. Crazy right?

The clock never stops ticking, and so it’s pertinent that you’ve already started your race into real estate investment. We thought to fire you up with 3 strong thoughts before this month blows away to help you do real estate investment right:

1) You’re not too young, too millennial, to begin to seriously consider investing in a home or real estate. Heading into 2020, demographics point to this being a good year for millennials, who are mostly now in their 30s, to buy. For a while, everyone was saying Millennials don’t want to buy homes, but they actually do. And it makes the most financial sense to. When better to buy a home than in the prime of your life? Even with the small inventory of lower cost homes continues to bedevil buyers in many markets across the country, many millennials are beginning to venture into the world of crowdfunding and Crowd Ownership, coming together to pool resources, and testing the investment waters through these mediums, thereby setting the tone for financially empowering themselves to go the whole mile eventually, investment wise.


2) Quest for affordability will push open midsize markets. You should seriously begin to look into investment in less capital-intensive locations, or ones that hold promise of future development, even though it may not be where you plan to live. This is because major metropolitan areas like Ikeja, VI, Ikoyi and Lekki are among some of the most expensive places in the country to buy. And much it is pretty unaffordable especially for first-time buyers. People who are priced out of these areas are going to the New Lekki/Lagos areas, which could fast become a tipping point, going by indications, with so much promise. Some locations in these areas are affordable now and poised to be the cities where you wish you would have bought in 2020, come 2030. A vast majority of these spots are clearly positioned for exceptional longer-term performance. Some of the key indicators of this long-term performance are: housing affordability for new residents, consistent job growth, the age of the population and home price appreciation.

3) Be strategic and deliberate in taking the time that’s required. When it comes to finding and investing in a home, taking your time and doing your due diligence to ensure that you are working with the right professionals can have an impact on your success and the overall enjoyment of the home buying experience. If you adopt a sloppy, laissez faire attitude to choosing your real estate investment team or realtor without taking into consideration their reputation, service, expertise and other key variables, this will most definitely result in a tremendous waste of time, money, and increased stress for you.
You never want to lose sight of what’s most important to you as a real estate investor, which is most likely making buying a home easier and secure for you, getting you the right home with impressive returns on your investment, without adding significant stress and complexity to your already very busy life.
No joke, we’ve got you covered on all 3 aforementioned pointers as you make your way into the home buyers club. Speak to us today on…… let’s get you home, the home you truly deserve.

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