Mastering the art of virtual listing presentations

Doesn’t it just feel like literally overnight that the real estate business as we knew it changed?

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the way we do business and forced real estate agents around the country to change and adapt new strategies.

Not so surprising my however, real estate markets in some specific niches are still up and running, with new listings hitting the market every day and buyers actively investing and looking to invest.

You need to make sure that you’re prepared for whatever gets thrown your way, and that means having a virtual listing presentation that’s ready-to-go.

Therefore, when you reach out to your sphere of prospects and one of them tells you they need to buy, it’s important to be ready and able to build their confidence and trust, even if you can’t meet them in person.

Here’s a guide to a virtual listing presentation that gets clients and secures the approval signature.

Preparation is key, prep all information and materials:

If you haven’t taken a look at your listing presentation recently, now would be a good time to do so. In an effort to avoid being tone-deaf, it’s important to make sure yours reflects today’s market. Plus, doing the presentation virtually means there’s less emphasis on you and more attention on your design. This is a great chance to put together something that looks really professional.

Rehearse, run through, practice:

It’s still a listing presentation. Make sure you’ve got a couple of run-throughs down before jumping in. Confidence sells and practicing is a great way to make sure everything goes smoothly. Plus, it’ll help work out any kinks in the software you might encounter.

Call-Prep your prospects,set the stage:

Speaking of software, just because you’re a Zoom pro by now, don’t assume the prospect is. Once you’ve booked a day and time, make sure to send them over detailed instructions that go over how to download it, where to download it, and anything else they need to know before the presentation.

Fully exploit virtual creative solutions:

Yes, it may be the best way to give a close comp, but these are unusual times and that calls for creative solutions. Instead of viewing the home in-person, send them photos and videos of their home. You can even give them a detailed list of what they’re asking or might ask for in terms of information. Send in square footage, amount of bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.


State the facts of the market:

The current economic state of the country has many people thinking we’re headed for a recession, and when people hear that, they think a housing crash will follow. It’s up to you to correct the misinformation so they can feel confident in selling their home. This builds trust, one of the most important commodities in today’s market.

Bring the same energy as a physical inspection tour:

OK. So, this virtual thing does have its perks. It’s not often in your career that you can give a listing presentation in yoga pants. However, make sure everything that’s on-camera looks professional. Then, you can change right back into your sweats.

Sift through and watch out for Body Language:

Body language can be one of your greatest allies when giving a listing presentation.It can also be your biggest enemy. While a virtual version might hinder the ability to read your client, it doesn’t completely hide it. Make sure you’re aware of both theirs and your own throughout the presentation so signals remain clear.

Data, facts and insights to the rescue:

All of the uncertainty surrounding the economy right now has many people wondering how it will affect real estate. This is the time to prove to them you’re a trusted advisor who has done their homework. Show them that buyers are still in the market, and that economists are predicting a steady recovery across board. Just make sure you back up your points with visuals, facts and sources.

Feel the pause of the room, take feedback:

Let’s be honest. Video conferencing isn’t the best way to have a long and meaningful conversation. That’s why it’s important that you’re working in time to ask questions and pausing often to allow feedback. It may be a virtual presentation but you should still treat it as though you’re there sitting face to face with them, one on one.

Do Have Your paperwork ready and good to go:

If everything goes according to plan, and prospects are ready to sign, make sure that you have agreement forms and documents with e-signature compliance on hand. This way you lose no steam or momentum.

Although today’s circumstances are anything but ideal, a virtual listing presentation can be a great reason to update your current system and get familiar with new technologies. Although we may not know when we’ll be able to get back-to-business as usual, we do know that buyer traffic is picking up and not gone completely.

That’s why you need a virtual listing presentation that’s professional and builds trust remotely.

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