Interior design has always been known to have a major effect on homes and as such, the occupants of the home. From time memorial, technological advancements have been made as it pertains to homes and all its itineraries. There’s been the shift from plain old wood to smart homes, equipped to provide comfort to every whim or need of the home owner. So, let’s keep you up to date with the interior design world and the new designs that will be in for the 2020 season.

In 2019, household appliances are becoming more and more intelligent! The smart refrigerator, also known as internet refrigerator, has been programmed to sense what kind of products are being stored inside and keep track of the stock through barcode or RFID scanning. For example, it connects with Alexa, a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, this allows you set reminders with expiration dates of food and see remotely the contents of your fridge.

Discrete and minimalist handles
Not a knob in sight. Smart homes, further minimalism with the use of handles. Upgrade from big, bulky and visible handles to invisible, small and tidier options. Some cabinets are even remote controlled, making audio controls work through cabinet doors. Hardware add-ons are available that allow remote-control infra-red signals through wood doors.

Ventilation has become a vital part of smart homes. The steps implemented in ventilation systems allow to integrate the ventilation equipment into a Building Management System (BMS). The advanced automation of air handling units allows them to connect to the Internet, control and monitor through a web browser on a computer or smart device.


Wall colours and exterior paintwork
If your smart, energy-conscious home will be located in a warm climate, light-coloured walls are ideal. While darker colours are better at maintaining heat, a light exterior will help your home stay cooler in summer by reflecting heat.

Kitchen Faucet
I know you didn’t think the kitchen sink can be made smart too. Well it can, and it will with the Kohler’s Sensate Faucet which is coming online. Starting at $875, this kitchen faucet pairs with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri for voice control. Imagine that! Life made easy!

2020, the year where smart homes will be made smarter. How blessed it would be for those who live in such a home, albeit with the money to go along with it. Lol.

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