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Your Email, Your Hook in Real Estate Marketing

Let’s just be honest, how many prospecting, marketing or sales email do you ever open up? At best, all you need do is see the header of email, do the math as to where it’s from, and don’t even bother lifting a finger to open, talk less of read through.

Ever so often when we get these mails, how spammed do we feel, wondering who is this person, or company, how did I even get on their mailing list? I want none of this! Be that as it may that sometimes we probably did leave off our email address when signing up for some things, we then go off to literally forget, because we’ve got weightier things weighing on the mind. Right. A while after, we get mails from the folks we gave away our info to and we just cannot reckon or reconcile in our heads from whence this came.

Wouldn’t this be sad and truly the least reaction you seek to get as a real estate agent or realtor when dishing those emails out to prospects? Happily, there are certain techniques, strategies, or a hook that you can set up in your mails to you set it apart from the ones that are deemed a clo or bombardment.

So how can you significantly reduce your chances of getting the unintended reaction from your mailing list, getting them to push aside their cynicism, open, read, and maybe smile like one who’s buying what you’re selling, at least in the mail for now?

The wrong way to go about this is to only set yourself up as the salesman only from the get-go? Did you forget so soon that nobody likes a salesman? A total stranger in your head, asking so nicely that they desperately want to help you with your real estate investment, and that you should give them a call? Howww??? What’s the motivation, even if you are indeed in the market looking to invest in real estate, and even if you do indeed need help? It’s too much of a pitch and commitment to make at this particular time, too early, too soon. Always remember that the vast majority of your emails are not being read by people you know well – they’re online leads or acquaintances.

The secret gag and key is to OFFER VALUE, there’s never going to be too much value offered. Value is the hook, plain and simple. Nothing else. Every single step of the email way, you offer content and information that answers their queries, solves their problems, or enlightens them about a new line of thinking or thought concept, that opens up new avenues to them. And strategically, you have to offer this piece of worm in your hook right there, in the mail, and not centering the email on getting the prospect to call you.

There’s so much worm to offer as hook in your email: what the next hottest spot for real estate investment is and why, the 3 things they absolutely have to bear in mind when investing in real estate that many real estate agents don’t tell them, what paperwork and what titles mean what, practical steps they can take to financially prepare themselves to invest, just any customer-centric information that carries the sentiment of genuine care, you valuing them enough to want to give them something without asking…yet…This will most assuredly generate interest, more than half the time.

To what end? To creating connection and trust, from which any hope of transacting and dealings can be built upon. To establishing yourself as a leader of thought of sorts, who can actually help if they are really thinking of real estate investment, this is going to register on its own in their subconscious subconsciously, as opposed to you asserting or lording it over them by means of a direct mentioning. To demonstrating value above and before all else and a pitch. To remove the stranger veil and grant recognition of you as an agent who can truly help.

So here’s how to: In the best way that only you can authentically say it:

  • Mention why an investment in real estate is one of the biggest decisions they can make, and how it can prove daunting, but also how it brings the most rewards,
  • Clearly state your goal to help ease and familiarize them with the process, and then give your offering or gift piece(your tidbit of rich, succinct information), how you have put together this article package which could most likely help them get started, and that your team is always on hand to serve their individual needs.
  • Ask them to feel free to reach out if they have concerns or need some guidance, and how you’re happy to help.

This is a value-centric approach that is sure to win.

With this, you provide the value-laden gift in the email itself with a link to the article for the person who wants to know more details. This one maximizes the value provided to the reader with the lowest requirement for them to actually do anything – they just have to read. To go along with this, if you monitor your email engagement reports within your CRM, you can choose to follow up personally after someone clicks a link. Did they find the article helpful? What are their thoughts? Are there further questions they’d like you to answer? These are call to action set-ups that can help you gauge interest and how to proceed, without requiring too much of a commitment from them.

Your set-up provides value, undisputedly.

When you’re setting up your email campaigns, whether by sending a one-off email, or creating an email newsletter, think about your audience and what they need. What questions do they have? What are they concerned about?

Think about how you can offer them the most possible value in every message, and how that will impact your recipients. Leverage all materials from you blog posts, buyer & seller guides, infographics, and videos to provide value to your email database and establish yourself as the agent and realtor they need to work with.

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