Indoor Date Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day. It’s such a fun time, right? Searching for gift ideas, trying to find the perfect place to take babe on a date, trying to figure out what to wear, the best time to go out and come back so you can somehow escape the traffic that’s bound to be abundant that day. Whew.…

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Cheap, Fun Places to Hangout In Lagos

January 22, 2021

  January is almost over! I don’t know if it’s just me, but this January is not January-ing like other Januaries Januaried. And I don’t know which should worry me more – if you understood that, or if you didn’t.   Anywayyyy! It’s a Friday, and there’s only one Friday left till January is over.…

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October 15, 2020

Continuing from where we stopped, Lagos is a stage and you just might be an extra in another person’s drama. You might not have gotten a script but it is certain you have been either an extra, supporting act or the main act in a show. The title of your movie could be “Getting your…

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October 13, 2020

What’s not to love about Lagos? Yellow buses and constant movement, busy markets and quiet beaches, there are so many things to love about Lagos but let’s talk about five. There’s food at every corner. Street food or fine dining, there’s always food on the streets of Lagos. There’s a mashai kiosk waiting to serve…

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Where Is The Best Place To Live In Lagos

October 13, 2020

Lagos, for many years, has been widely known as the capital of Nigeria before it was moved to Abuja. However, despite the change, lagos has retained its importance as the business and entertainment capital of Nigeria. Therefore, for pleasure and business, Lagos is always alive with activities and teeming with people. Making decisions on the…

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September 7, 2020

  When you read an address, sometimes it reads as ‘street’ other times, it reads as ‘estate’. Houses on streets often times, would not have an association or share communal facilities. However, an estate would, most times, have an association, a recreational park, a gym facility, security, religious buildings, a grocery store among other features.…

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August 31, 2020

HOME HACKS : GENERATOR PLACEMENTS In Nigeria, if you are not living in a fully serviced estate, you have at least one alternative source of electricity. In most cases, a generator, either petrol powered or diesel powered. Home Hacks: Generator placements Once there is a power outage, to avoid missing out on that important football…

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As offices empty out, home investment looks on with green eyes

May 25, 2020

The future for office commercial space looks increasingly uncertain, as more and more people work from home and some employers consider making it a permanent arrangement — even after the pandemic. Transactions for office leases or sales are already significantly lower this year compared to a similar period in 2019, according to data from real…

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A new way of living?

May 11, 2020

Going forward, property experts are considering whether there will be changes in consumer behavior as a result of the pandemic. The widespread implementation of working from home has made home even more important to lots of people, and there are questions as to whether there will be any longer-term changes. Coronavirus lockdowns in many parts…

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Can’t pay your rent? Here’s what to do

May 11, 2020

Months long battle with the coronavirus made it difficult for Aishat Bello* and her husband to pay their 450,000 naira rent. “I was so sick I could barely walk to the bathroom,” Aishat said. Her husband having been let go from his insurance job, was having a hard time meeting medical and feeding expenses for…

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How to manage loneliness in a time of social distancing

How to manage loneliness in a time of social distancing

Believe it or not, loneliness can hit real hard for some this pandemic season. With the social distancing restrictions, and the stay at home shutdown, people are seeing less of each other. This “social recession,” aimed at controlling the outbreak of COVID-19, also is heightening a sense of loneliness. Researchers have long understood the toll…


Healthy food-fuel for your tummy while you work from home

You might not realise it, but you’re exerting and expending brain cells at this time while working away vigorously on your phone or tablet from home. It is essential that you replenish and feed on healthy snacks while you work for optimum performance, alertness and brain vitality and re-invigoration. Thankfully we have a few pointers…


Is your LandLord going to grant you a reprieve this Pandemic Season?

The residents of New Jersey must be heaving a heavy sigh of relief now. Imagine the temporary respite they must feel upon hearing that homeowners whose finances have been affected by the novel coronavirus will get a 90-day reprieve on their mortgage payments. Lenders will also waive late fees and other expenses that borrowers would…

speeding less

4 Easy Steps to Spending less during COVID19 Pandemic

I know that you, like many others, made financial resolutions at the beginning of the year when it comes to your finances and sending habits, resolutions that you probably forgot say 3 days into the new year when your old habits came calling because they die hard.   However, the times we’re in right now…


Your teens are home: teach them about investment

Educating kids on how to save is a valuable first step toward learning how to manage money. But it shouldn’t stop there. While savings accounts are a safe bet and an easy concept to grasp, the real earning power comes from investing their hard-earned cash.   But why is this so important you might ask,…


Vote of thanks/appreciation

Appreciation post: At such a time as this in the history of our great country Nigeria, in this time of uncertainty, plague and ill, we deem it important to show gratitude to t sohose on the frontlines of keeping the COVID19 virus at bay, who work tirelessly day and night to ensure that the numbers…

White business strategy growing graph vector

Safeguard your Finances, Investment and Health: Check your paperwork

The intention of the foregoing is not to induce panic, but to enhance and reaffirm the need for preparedness, not just for you, but also for your loved ones. Remember how everytime we talk about a secure real estate investment, we highly re-iterate the importance of carrying out due diligence to see that you’ve got…

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-13 at 10.12.34 PM

Investing in Rental property in Real Estate: Your Complete Guide

Purchasing rental property can be a great way to get income while owning property and building equity. However, just like in any investment deal, buying a rental house does not automatically mean getting a great return. To make a rental house a great investment, you need to find the right piece of property in the…


The silver lining for real estate investors in COVID19

Truth be told, as the fear of COVID19 strengthens its hold, and uncertainty grips markets, there are threats, but let’s not overlook the glaring opportunities on the horizon. Firstly, for some residential property, rental income is a sure steady cashflow earner. Previous cycles have shown that when the equity markets become unstable, much of the…


Home Design impacted and re-imagined?

Funny how it took a wide sweeping virus to get us to actionably and extra critically take a good look at our personal hygiene as well as those of our spaces right? No not funny. As a collective society, we’ve all become more cognizant of germs and how illness spreads. So for the future, germ…


Coronavirus and our novel ways of transacting real estate business

It is no news that in the onslaught and wake of the COVID19 spread, everyone is taking great caution and precaution, as well as co-operating with government and relevant health institutions to curb the spread of the virus. An indispensable action step in ensuring that spread of this virus is limited is in limiting physical…

Illustration of startup business

Investment strategies to follow in a crisis

In view of the current unprecedented financial straits we find ourselves in, a huge number of investors are weary, skeptical and distressed, and understandably so. Is another recession on the way? It might seem so, there are pointers to that effect, as we can envisage a sudden drop in spending, one of the huge characteristics…

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